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These social media links are not yet working...tomorrow's work! 


Wildflower Catalogue update!


Check out new work on Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/deb_wiles_art, for a sneek preview of the new books or, to get there click the Instagram icon above. 

I have a number of social media accounts which I play with as well as having this website.

Sometimes samples of my work, especially the new stuff, gets posted on my social media  sites before they make it over here to the website. For example the Wildflower book page spread previews are on Instagram right now, so to see them, please head offer to my instagram page.

You may also go to the Wildflower page on this website from here too.  


At the moment I am concentrated on the Wildflowers of Nova Scotia Catalogues

This is the from and back cover of  Wildflowers of Nova Scotia Volume One.

The ISBN will be added post protptype.

This is the index for Volume one, it may still change a little before printing.

This is a sample two page spread; pages 14 and 15 of Volume One.

2021 Lady Slipper Calendar

Contact us through our contact page to order your Lady Slipper Calendar now. $25 cad. + ship

accept:cash etransfer, paypal

2017-2011  Wildflowers of Nova Scotia - Buy originals or order cards!

 This is a post to take you to the main Wildflowers page, I have updated it today, creating a carousel at the top of the page which plays the Wildflower painting originals which are still available for purchase.

As well I have posted the set of Wildflower Paintings so you may choose an image to be printed on cards which will be shipped directly to you.


To buy a painting of order cards, please fill out the contact form and let me know what you would like.

2020 Wildflowers Catalogue

Publication process underway, available for purchase soon!


Jan 27, 2021 update

This was the first prototype of the Wildflowers Catalogue.  Before settling on the new 2021 format, I tried three other templates and publishing services. Research and development always takes longer than I expect it will. Now we are at the end of January 2021 and finally, the books are two days from the publisher.

2020 My new book of poetry! Available in digital format only 


Click link below to order digital version

How to Spot a Predator, A Girls Guide to Navigating Cad Infested Waters

2020  "Thank You Goddess" cards 
available in packs of 5 cards $20 cad +shipping, Larger cards on nicer paper are 35. plus ship. a package, 
To order, write us an email.
DebWiles Astarte acrylic on140lb 36x51cm
DebWiles Astarte acrylic on140lb 36x51cm

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Deb Wiles Durga acrylic on 140lb 36x51cm
Deb Wiles Durga acrylic on 140lb 36x51cm

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DebWiles Kali acrylic on140lb 36x51cm No
DebWiles Kali acrylic on140lb 36x51cm No

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DebWiles Astarte acrylic on140lb 36x51cm
DebWiles Astarte acrylic on140lb 36x51cm

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2016-2015  Goddess Paintings