Curriculum Vitae


Group Exhibitions

2016 March, Light and Shadow, Women's Art Association of Canada

2016 Februry, Texture, Women's Art Association of Canada, Toronto

2016 January, Beloved , Women's Art Association of Canada, Toronto

2015 November / December, Small Gems Show, Women's Art Association of Canada, Toronto

2015 September,  Summer Work Exhibition, Women's Art Association of Canada, toronto

2015 June,  Widening the Cycle, Suffolk University, Boston, Mass. USA

2013 March,  Feminist Art Conference, Toronto

2012 November,  Who Art Thou, OCAD, Toronto

2011 Summer,  Beautiful Mother Earth exhibit @ Luc Sculpture, Toronto

2011 Sheena’s Annual Exhibit, Toronto

Solo Exhibitions

2010 October Nostalgia & Surprise@  Ideas Incorporated, Toronto                                                                                                                                    

2010 March  Sublime Series @ the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga                                                                                                                 

2009  August Masculinity @ The Cameron, Toronto                                                                                                                                             

2009  February  Sublime Series@ Sublime,  Toronto                                                                                                                                                    

2008 September Thinly Veiled @ 69 Olive Gallery                                                                                                                     

2008 Feb / March Incoming : 52 Ladies for Tea at ARTsPLACE in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.  

Artist Talks/Lectures

2014 November Guest Lecturer with 52 Ladies at Tea @Ryerson University, Toronto


Press / Media

2012 June 30 Humber Radio interview with Lycia Trouton            , regarding Trident Int’l Artist Retreat and  Nova Scotia Wildflower series fundraiser. 

2011 Nov. 52 Ladies... featured on Wrenna Robertson’s first post on VulvArt, November 2011  
2011 Fall, Herizons: Women’s Art Agencies to the Rescue by Karen Darricades   

2011 Paintings featured in S01E07 of Undercover Boss

2011 September 30, Gleaner Community Press, article  about Trident International Artist Retreat

2010  Nov. 8 , 2010 1:14:55 PM Deb talking live about art and art education in an interview with Hugh Reilly and Marla Lukofsky That Channel's, Liquid Lunch interview 

2009 Sebastien Roche's video of Deb's artwork

2008 April 4th  Annex Guardian fundraiser for the Auction Raises Funds for Tibetan Women

2008  March 15  Incoming; 52 Ladies at Tea at ARtsPlace in Annapolis Royak,l Nova Scotia, was covered by the Chronicle Herald Newspaper A Rather Intimate Exhibition 

2007 Oct 4  Critics Choice in the Toronto Star, the work of Jim Christy’s work, exhibit produced by Ms. Wiles                                                                         2007 May 21  Feature in MacLeans magazine  Tea,  Ladies? Oh , and by the way... 

2004 Sept 23   Eye magazine,  The Panalist by Guy Leshinski 

2003 May 29 Xtra magazine no.485 Xposed by Johnny Paparazzo

2003 Apr. 24-30 NOW magazine  vol.22  no.34  Sculptors Score by Thomas Hirschmann


2020, 07 03  How to Spot a Predator, A Girls Guide to Navigating Cad Invested Waters, BN ID:2940164525767, Publisher:Feminine Wiles

Series:The Books of Wiles, Sold by:Draft2Digital

2016 Understory, Iss. 8 Alexa McDonough Institute, Lunenberg, N.S.

2015 Widening the Cycle, A menstrual and Reproductive justice Art Show, Suffolk University Law School. by JJn Lewis

2007 Recipes for People Who Like to Eat Food   ISBN 978-0-9730869-2-8   20062006  ISBN 0-9730869-1-2  I.Title.  PS8645.143F54 

2006  Fleshy Life C811’.6   C2006-901827-8 

2004 Eye Dust – Wiles,  Deborah. 1964-    Poems. ISBN 0-9736588-1-9   I. Title. PS8645. I43E94       2004 C811L6    C2004-905964-5    

2003 Feb.  The Anthology of Begin – Red  -  A Collection of poems by Canadian poets published by Tobin Stuart ISBN 0-9734284-0-6   

2002  Requisite Housekeeping in Measure of Line  poems of Deborah Wiles from 1998 - 2002   ISBN 0-9730869-0-4 


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