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2022 - 2011 Wildflowers of Nova Scotia

Represented here is 14 years with this series, from inception to now, a full set of merchandise, with a carousel of available originals. This series of sixty paintings, Wildflowers of Nova Scotia,  was inspired my friend Tim Young's archive of wildflower photographs. His job as a forester has him daily walking through the forests of Nova Scotia. When he encounters interesting wildflora he photographs it.

2021/02 Linen Goddess Cards

Package of 10 Goddess cards,  printed on linen cards, 4.6x7.2" inch. envelopes included.                           

You choose which Goddess image you want on your cards from the Goddess photos. 

There are 5 to choose from'

Anat, Astarte, Hecate, Durga and Kali

The Linen cards  are blank on the inside,  so may be used for any occasion.

2007 Cookbook: Recipes for people who like to eat food

2021/07  ebook: How to Spot a Predator; A Girl's Guide to Cad Infested Waters

Click links below to go to an online bookstore which carries the ebook.

An ebook; Feminine Wiles, Release Date: July 3, 2020, ISBN: 9781386769071 Language: English, Download options: EPUB 2 (DRM-Free)

Welcome to my new website store!           
New products will be added as I work through merchandising. 
I have begun with the Wildflowers of Nova Scotia Series as it has proven to be wildly popular. 
You will see "Series" listed below, when you "click" the series you will be taken to the "Shop Page", where you may buy fresh merchandise and original paintings (when available). Please keep in mind, this website, like all works of art, is a work in progress.
To shop; please fill out the  Subscribe form below , then choose and email me with your purchases. I will respond to your email as soon as I can. Thank you for popping by my website, happy shopping!

About Us

Deb Wiles Art Shop was born at the intersection of art and technology. Our Online Art Store became highly successful shortly after opening our doors back in 2000. Taking advantage of an untapped niche in the online art market, our impeccable customer service and diverse selection of artwork are hallmarks of our continual growth and success. Take a look at the latest additions to our collection.

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