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2023 Feb. Bio

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

I've been in arts my entire life. In utero, I worked along with mom at the Spectator newspaper office in Annapolis Royal, when I exited my Mother, I was "put to work" in the red glow of the darkroom cradled in my Nan's arms as she hand developed the photos in their professional photography studio.

Every day for the first seven years of my life I was in the photo studio. It was an excellent immersive art experience.

I was lucky enough to have that early training. At seven we moved; Mom's new job was with the Kentville Advertiser newspaper. I was in grade two at the time, after school I'd visit her there at work, entered through the basement of the building, walked (what seemed like) past miles of huge, loud, ink smelling machines and presses on my way up to see Mom in the layout offices.

Years of taking photos was followed by making collage, then sculpture, then painting. I attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design for a semester in 85.

Then sprang from Halifax to Toronto in 1986, served in the food and drink biz, biding time, taking photos, making various things.

Became a Mother in 1994. 💖 Was a stay-at-home Mom, for four years, then when my wee son headed off to kindergarten at 4 years old, I too went back to school and attended Ontario college of Art and design.

Graduating four years later from with a major in Sculpture / Installation.

Since then, I've been teaching, making & selling art, exhibiting and traveling.

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