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Atheist or God?

I'm currently surrounded by people who believe in God, noticeably, again.

Some call IT a higher power, Prince, possibly a God himself, referred to the phenomenon as It, with a capital i.

Monotheism never made any sense to me considering how many gods and goddesses are believed in on the planet, why just choose one?

Warring in the name of God or even defending God never made sense to me, if they are omnipotent, why would they need defending?

In any case, this morning after hearing from a couple of friends who were on their way to church, I began to be slightly plagued by my disbelief, or rather my inability to believe.

Yet I do believe in some things that are manifest: trees, grass, clouds... Even though I believe, as the scientists and Buddhists have observed "each manifestation / arising phenomenon, is an amalgam of other factors". (Break it down)

This was my train of thought this morning. So I decided to see what was on YouTube in regard to atheism. First thing I came across Ricky Gervais.

I was about 10 minutes into the first video when a knock came on my door, it was a downstairs neighbor who presented me with my mail key, lost a few days ago.

It was obvious to me while gratefully accepting my mail key from Greg, that if there were a God, the manifestation of my key at my door was a miracle and proof of It's existence, also a grand joke on my disbelief.

Of course when we move remove the mystery from the situation, the key was lost a few days ago and it fell off a flimsy's secondary ring on my keychain, once I realized that it was lost, I put a sign on my mailbox asking the Postie to "please put my mail in the top of the box as the key was lost". My downstairs neighbor saw the lost key outside of the front door on the sidewalk, a key just like his for his mailbox, he had also seen my note, so he knew whose key it was, and since the mailbox number corresponds with the apartment numbers, he also knew where I lived.

In this regard, when we break it down there's no mystery.

I'm very grateful to my neighbor, for having the awareness of his environment to find and pick it up , to see the note on the mailbox, and be ethical in returning it.

For that I'm grateful, for that, I have renewed faith, if not belief, in other human beings, not that we will always do the right thing but that sometimes we do, it's evidence we have power ourselves to create miracles.

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