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Catalogue raisonne' underway

Procrastination is the dream, like a freshly released pinball pinging off of every surface, you want it to "win", but have an itch in your finger to feel the spring as it slams again into the steel ball. Wait, wait, "this is not the time to make decisions"-BB

Work then flows, to step out of the stream to bear it witness is key, perspective remains key.

Black tea, fatty milk and honey; a good thing to write a book about.

My work calling in the background, calling me back to it, all flows back into it, pieces dreamed up, passing wishes come to pass.

Drawn back to the making of my continuous work in progress, catalogue raisonne' prototype, 2022-1989.

From working on the catalog today to editing photos off of my photo reels. It's a picking away, picking away at all of the data that I have produced, ordering it. Chaos into order, chaos into order.

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