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Ressurection 2023

This mixed media painting on canvas was made over a year, from Aug.2022-2023, during the process of my physical, mental and emotional recovery.

Represented here, in painted sketches, are some friends and demons I met along the path of my journey.

The painting has been donated to ASH; the Addiction Supportive Housing program, where I was supported through every stage of my recovery; from misery to gratitude, I will be forever grateful and will hold all those I met along the way in my heart.

This is for all of you.

"Resurrection" is a1.52 x 1.52 m / 5x5', mixed media painting on canvas.

I've made a video of the painting to a closer look at it. It is posted to my you tube art page. To watch the video simply click the link below. While you are there please subscribe as I'll be making more videos in the future, when you click suscribe,

you'll know about them first!

Thank you for your sustained interest in my works. - Deb

*The audio in the background

In the name of revolutions, both internal and external is audio from a video titled "China's Slacker Youths: Why they went from "Lying Flat" to "Let it Rot".

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