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From the Guts of God Apr.1,2023

You may rest assured that each and every great work of art, in every medium, was wrenched from the Guts of God.

In a profound union, in a trance, accompanied, led, by the God's of the artists' understanding, they swoon.

Like Persephone, we travel to the underworld, dance with the dervishes, lay with dragons to get the gold.

With sharpened talents and sharper wits, we court the muse, sometimes we let her whip us into submission, for she does not allow her gems to fall before idle worshippers, or the weak of heart, she puts us through tests of love and adherence.

Art making is not a choice, nor for the weak ones, it requires tests of time, demands detachment from time passing, for you to be free of the world. For decades, lifetimes, you are with pen, chisel, lute and wire, for "big wheel spin and spins, little wheel goes round and round" as Buffy Saint Marie sings. You must allow the ripples to ring out and be unconcerned, un-self-conscious.

Artists of all sorts follow the white rabbit, not caring to fear what lies beneath, we are driven to attend; we arrive on time, she is chariot.

And you ask about belief, you ask about faith, and I quote "God takes you, makes you till they break you", we are nothing and all, ciphers of the lord and lady masters, they fill us.

The muses are no joke, we pursue them as they leave us worn husks, then sit rapt attention as they pass, wait with baited for their breath on cheek, long for the moon and stars at night; for the one, for possession, we live for the bite, as if it is Lord Dracula himself we court, we live for that which all others fear, to be lost, gone, possessed, where we find ourselves, all in natures.

We return with treasure, what you hear, and see, as proofs another world exists, just as you, "in sleep, with dreams", understand there is something beyond, beyond you, beyond the stars, the veils.

And you ask for proofs of the Gods, of Goddesses, of the stars and moon, as we dance.

Painting: 2019, Wiles, Hecate

This post is dedicated to my dear friend and mentor Boghos Kalemkiarian

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