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Getting into the Catalogue; finally. March 30th, 2023

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Sitting down this evening to seriously start working on my catalog raisonne." This is a catalog that will become a chronological catalogue of my visual artwork from 1999 to 2023, it will not include my photography which will have to be at separate book. In this period of time I have created 15 series that span a number of modes of working, in a number of media.

There is collage, sculpture, painted portraits, sculpted portraits, landscapes, abstract expressionist works. There's graphite and ink sketching, watercolor, acrylic ink works, plus lots of work in both acrylics and oils.

There's bronze sculpture, sculpture with found objects, paintings on reclaimed supports of all sorts, paintings on found wood, paintings of cats, goats, flamingos, peacocks and humans.

One of these series as we know contains 52 vulvas in bronze, another has over 60 paintings of wildflowers, another 30 portraits of men, another has 80 abstract expressionist pieces, another 20 portraits of friends, there is a series of digital clown portraits too.

Then there are the photographs which I can't even begin to look at, at this point I'm still wading through all of the photographs of the work, the documentation, that I was taught during my training at the Ontario College of Art to always do, "always document your work" they said, I did, and now I'm overwhelmed, swimming in these documents of my work, thankfully, because now I can create this book.

So this catalog and then the photography catalog and then perhaps at some point I'll get around to finishing those three books that are unfinished on my desktop as well.

To say I'm overwhelmed by this task is not meant to be a brag about the amount of work that I have created over my lifetime, however I guess it is noteworthy, I might as well be proud of it, as it truly is quite the accomplishment to be sitting on this stack of work.

See you in 3 years when I'm finished this, just kidding, I hope to have a first draft by May 1, 2023.

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