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#NFT's An Artist's Perspective

Hello my artist friends, here's a post for you... you may have noticed on a FB post the other day that I'd recently had people asking me if they could buy my work as an nft's.

I'm guessing this isn't just happening to me, perhaps it's happening to you too, and maybe you've started thinking, like me, that it's a good idea to do some nfts, but you don't know anything about it, maybe you're wondering where the hook is rigged and what will happen if you take the bait.

I found the hook, first there are a number of nft sites, some are sketcher than others, the entire system is as volatile, as the "blockchain" and "bitcoin", two other systems that are utilized and go along with nfts process.

Once you choose an nft site on which to post and sell your work, you must then "mint" your artworks in order to post them on the site. "Minting" means posting them to a nft website for sale.

And here's the hook, in order to "mint" artwork onto an nft site, the artist must pay, what is referred to as, "the price of gas", which fluctuates, as it is a (very) volatile market, but the average price of gas fluctuates around $200-$500. per artwork, but can be much more, and sometimes a bit less. Then the price you ask for the work, the value also fluctuates, it's comparable to the stock market, but far more volatile.

After paying the "price of gas" your artwork will sit idling on the nft website, it said that the more networking you do within the community surrounding that website, the higher the chance you will sell your digital artworks.

For a deeper dive into NFT's and what they mean for artist's, check out this well researched and brilliant Karen Darricade's piece,


2023, DebWiles

Triptych; ADigital photograph

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