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2021WilesWFNS LittleBooksVol.1

2021WilesWFNS LittleBooksVol.1

SKU: 21554345656

Please watch the video of the book to see the contents.

VOLUME ONE, contents


Tim photos on left, of each page, Deb's paintings on the right

2 Lady Slipper no.1, oil on140lbwcp/9x12"

3 Lady Slipper no.2 , oil on140lbwcp/9x12"

4 Lady Slipper no.3, oil on140lbwcp/9x12"

5 Lady Slipper no.4, oil on140lbwcp/9x12"

6 Lady Slipper no.5, oil on140lbwcp/12x9"

7 Lady Slipper no.6, oil on140lbwcp/12x9"

8 Lady Slipper no.7, oil on140lbwcp/9x12"

9 Lady Slipper no.8, oil on140lbwcp/12x9"

10 Lady Slipper no.9, oil on140lbwcp/9x12"

11 Lady Slipper no.10, oilon140lbwcp/12x9"

12 Lady Slippers no.11, oil on140lbwcp/9x12

13 Lady Slipper no.12, oil on140lbwcp/9x12

14 Lady Slippers no,13, oil on140lbwcp/9x12

15 Lady Slipper no.14, oil on140lbwcp/9x12

16 Lady Slipper no.15, oil on140lbwcp/9x12

17 Forget Me Nots, 16, oil on140lbwcp/12x9"

18 Ant on Tamarack, 17 oil on140lbwcp/12x9"

19 Wild Borage,18 oil on140lbwcp/12x9"

20 Kalmia Sheep Laurel,19oil on140lbwcp/9x12

21 Wild Lily of the Valley,20,oil on140lbwcp/9x12

22-23  Index

24 Author Biographies



    Will fill this out asap


    Will fill this out asap


    Will fill this out asap

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