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A prayer for Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla

A prayer for Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla


A Prayer for Gaza & the Freedom Flotilla


Every drop of blood

by weapon

is money in pocket

of those who produce

components for


and (almost) all industry has been rendered complicit, BY DESIGN,

The military industrial complex

is not an accident

it and we have been rendered complicit / woven in

by the inside of our pockets

2024 04 24

The level of heinous immorality that the military industrial complex is...

Every drop of blood

by weapon

is money in the pocket

of those who produce weapons...

through extraction of minerals

to manufacture of components

through testing, sales, use,

disposal; to insurance, clubs, lobbies...

all guaranteed kill

by your Constitution

weapons as GodHead

blood sacrifice

(Always of) "Other"

"Duality is an illusion", "All is Maya", "Life is but a dream"... Eastern religions have infiltrated the world, thankfully taught us about illusion, taught us about sleep... taught us about wakefulness...

"You kin have em"

Was something lost in translation?

Was it rather "I don't want them, you can keep them", sort of thing?

Somehow they allowed themselves to believe that coerced contracts were contracts worth standing.

Even when you're forcing the Chief to sign, an agreement for land, while holding the surviving members of his village at actual gunpoint, The legitimacy of the contract was never questioned (by the colonisers)... this was the way it was done, and they all agreed "sometimes they had to do distasteful things to get what they wanted, might as well just get it done and over with" (the killing that is).


" You sign this, or I'll kill your family and every other person of your race".

Resources, cohesion, genocide.

The slaughter continued, whether or not the documents were signed, it continues to this day.

Non-Withstanding the stories that preceded the Mercenaries, with their new god of many brutal tortures, (if you didn't believe in him, and even when you did), the soldiers with their taste for blood, fire, rape and the settlers, beleagured rag tags they were, loved nothing more than to put a bullet into anyone who might get a bite more than him. The colonialists had insatiable appetites for violence, lies, manipulation and gaslit villages of hostages, little wonder they became known as "white demons".

The military industrial complex is a. helix headed Hydra, fangs that gnash to fill insatiable bellies, these monsters have been fed innocent blood for far too long.

All industry is complicit as industry grew communities to serve it.

All technology is funded, in some aspect, by the military industrial complex; its staff are industries in itself. All designed in support of war and violence. It is by far the biggest global, international, industry.

(For example, the automobile industry is in service to the military industrial complex as is the film industry.)

What to do but plow the field?


As always

many strong men

they fail to see the greater context

their manhoods are in

robbed of their true courage

by bogeymen, angels

Nietzsche's "shadows",

all block their view beyond fear

so men fight for their right

to remain cavemen,

they wrote it into their constitution,

"a right to bear arms"

Was something lost in translation?

"You kin have em"

Was it rather

"I don't want them, you can keep them", sort of thing?

The right to bear arms was to support their, Self-Perceived "right/s":

to steal whatever the hell they wanted, to rape, torture, imprison, mutilate, control, and or kill anyone, any groups of people, they wanted to.

To colonise the "Old religions"

They made up a God

Who blessed their rivers of blood

Their Gods gave them

"divine right" to blood, so they say.

They mock while appropriating

old religions


through duping and slaughter

innocent believers

the old, with their new

bloodthirsty hydra

They invent their enemies.

Keep them close,

met through surveillance documentation and lies ,

kidnapping, hostage taking, imprisonment, gangs of thugs payrolled, "slave catchers" still...

it's handy, I guess (?)

for them

to have a full yard of prisoners

to control, to do anything to

whenever the mood


it's well known that you've kept a population captive for years

on which you feed:

test weapons upon, harvest organs to fill orders on the international market, you have conspired to keep an entire population, powerless, captive,"occupied", as your slave class.

Captives to be without resources, weapons or any means to defend themselves.

You project your crimes onto them and they mirror your crimes back to you.

It must cause discomfort when you are sated and look into the innocence of your own children. Does this make you want to steal the innocence of your own children as well?

They steal resources



continuous war

war follows quest

for resource

Christian mercenaries, soldiers

at one in the avarice

Gold, diamonds,beads, arms, alcohol, cocaine, minerals, rubber,Tea, rice, spice, humans, genomes, water, sky, earth, trees, flesh, eyes, kidneys, death, sex, the blood of children

They hold their arms

above freedom of speech,

personal autonomy


These roots

of human sadism and corruption; violence and money

dollars for blood

need snicker snack

with vorpal blade

sharpen up


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