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2024 Current Work in Progress 24"x13'

2024 Current Work in Progress 24"x13'



I'm at the 10-ft mark on this 13 ft long piece. Took this photo today after unfurling a section.


My friend Tim tonight was quoting his dad talking about messy desks... Tim quoting his dad " a messy desk is a sign of an organized mind", So I took some photos for him.

This is my desk as it appears in this moment and it is a site of much activity...

This work in progress happening on the desk, one 24 inches x approx20 feet, mixed media on gessoed canvas.

This canvas was originally a very large piece of canvas that I bought from Gwartzmens more than 12 years ago. I cut it up into 24,26x pieces after primeing both sides, bofore going to retreat for the first time. I had a roll of them these pieces. They travelled back and forth with me to various "studios" over the years.

When Franklin came to live with us, as a wee 3 pounder, he had luxating patella and would slip on polished for surfaces, he prefers carpet. At one point I needed a good length of it for a run inside the house, so that it would pass through two rooms.

Of course I always have a sewing machine in the studio. How can we not?!

Sewed together the pieces and used them as a runner for Franklin for quite some time.

A rug for my dog and data collection

in one, perfect, duo function rocks.

Back to the canvas, yes, recently I had an idea for it, which I've begun to execute.

Details tba., am able to tell, it will take several passes and years to complete.

Meanwhile life goes on.

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