Wildflowers of Nova Scotia

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This carousel of Wildflower Paintings is loaded with photographs of original Wildflower Paintings which are currently available for purchase.


The complete set of 60 Wildflower paintings is below the carousel in its own gallery.


Lady Slipper #3
Lady Slipper #5
Lady Slippers #12
Forget Me Knots
Ant on Tamarack
Kalmia Sheeps Laural
Mountain Holly Blossom
Black Chokeberry
Rose Twisted Stalk
Beaked Hazelnut
Pitcher Plant
Scarlet Hood
Red Maple Blossom
Indian Cucumber Root
Spatulate Leaved Sundew with Lunch
54 Wildflower Pitcher Plant 4 index
56 Snowberry Index
57 Pitcher Plant 5 index 2013
58 Bee on Bull Thistle index
59 Ragged Fringed Orchis index
60 Pitcher Plant 6 field painting Index.

 The Wildflowers of Nova Scotia series was inspired my friend Tim Young's archive of wildflower photographs. His job as a forester has him  daily walking through the forests of Nova Scotia. When he encounters interesting wildflora he photographs it. Inspired by Tim's photographs I produced a series of sixty wildflower paintings.


With the exceptions of Spatulate Sundew and Field of Pitcher Plants, which are larger formats,  all Wildflower  paintings are  oil on  100 lb. watercolor paper,23.5x31cm  & are $300. cad. plus shipping.



2020 12 11

Lady Slipper,  Wildflower Paintings Calendar has arrived and I am  happily pleased with the prototype.

Consequently the calendars are available for purchase, email me from my contact page to purchase one,

the cost is $25. cad plus taxes shipping and any import fees.

If you would like to order a #2021 #LadySlipper #Orchid  #WildflowersofNovaScotia #calendar  #2021calendar for

write me from the contact form on my website 


You may also order Wildflower cards.
From the 60 Wildflower images below choose one image for each package of 10 cards that you would like to buy.


Then choose which type of card you want.

I offer two types of cards:

~ Ten 4.6x7.2 " folded cards on standard matt stock with envelopes for $37.99 +tax and shipping (total in Canada 50.ish)


~ Ten 4x5.5" folded cards on linen card stock with envelopes for 23.75 + tax and shipping (total in Canada 35.ish)


To order send me email from my website contact page with your order and contact information.

Expect a 10 day turn around time from the time you order to delivery from Toronto. 

Thank you for your indefatigable interest in my creations.



2020 12 08

From this set of 60 photos of the paintings you may order reproductions of the paintings to be placed on objects.

For now, as I am slowly building the products and the infrastructure of my store, let's focus on cards and the calendar. 

IF however,  you would like a Wildflower picture on a tote bag, or mug, or tee shirt, do ask me.

In order to accomplish this magic, of putting my images on objects for you we must work together. 


For your part simply choose the image/s you would like me to make into a product for you from the full list of 60 paintings.


Write down the number and name of the image you would like onto a piece of paper.


Once you have made your choices write me an email expressing what you want to order. I will then get back to you, I will check the pricing of your item. if the price is satisfactory to you then you may send payment and I will make and order your piece.